Welcome to goodteak.com, we are a manufacturer and export company is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Where the largest teak furniture city in the world is located. We have a lot of designs of teak root furniture and wooden craft in our workshop. Our teak root furniture is in one of our most popular ranges. It includes a teak root coffee table, teak root dining table, teak root console table, teak root bench, teak root stool, teak root bowl, and teak root home decor.

This product is made from a teak root, can be ordered into incomplete or finished products. We are always using the best material product, we use dry wood, will not shrink in a different climate. And also we use teak root material which has high quality and artistic elements.

Teak root furniture is stylish, durable and adds a lot of character to any space. It is also weather-resistant, making it a perfect choice for artisans in the construction of indoor and outdoor furniture.

We are welcome for some costume designs with the best material product, at teak root furniture product, we understand that craftsmanship requires a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding, and imagination perfected by experience.